5 Tips on How to Write a Literature Essay

If you get a literature essay, it means that you have to examine and evaluate a particular literature piece. You will have to give the big ideas or even a theme of a specific book. Just in case you get an assignment of writing a literature essay and you have no idea how to tackle it, relax. You should follow these five steps below.

  • Focus on the Topic

To be able to analyze the work, you first have to read it thoroughly. Please take note of the author’s plots, the characters, and understand his main ideas. Check his most remarkable points and know why he used those particular literature devices. Ask yourself what the connection between the book character behaviors, thoughts, and the plot is.

  • Collect Evidence

You can only make a proper analysis after gathering enough evidence. Collect facts and expressions. You can only persuade your readers by having enough materials. When reading the literature, you must have a notebook to write any relevant information. You can also read about the author. It will give you a clear understanding of his intention.

  • Write An Outline

You would not like to miss any critical point in your literature review essay. That is why you require having a clear outline. It will guide you on where to start and how to conclude. As you make your outline, leave some space so that if you remember something, you can always include it later. If you have no idea how to make an online, check for sample examples on the internet. Outline the introduction, body, and conclusion.

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  • Develop a Thesis Statement

The readers would like to know why they should read the entire essay. That is why you need to write a thesis statement. Explain how significant your argument is. Show how your argument connects to the author’s ideas and thoughts. Make your thesis statement strong enough to entice your readers to read it.

  • Write and Revise

Use your outline and the points you jotted to write an excellent literature essay. Each statement should be in its paragraph. Once you finish writing, take a break. After resting, come back and proofread your work. Start by checking the structure and establish how strong your thesis statement is. Check if the literature has a high flow. Remove any fluffy words and ensure that the essay paragraph supports your thesis statement. Check all the spelling and grammar errors. In case there are awkward sentences, remove them and re-edit. Check plagiarism and also use online tools to edit. You can give others around you to review the essay and give opinions.


After examining a given piece of literature, you should write an excellent literature essay. Start by doing thorough research to get enough materials to write your literature. Write an excellent outline to guide you. Follow the right structure when writing your outline. Take time to develop a strong thesis. It should entice the readers to read your essay. Once you finish, write the literature essay. Make it interesting. You cannot review it if your mind is so tired. You should take a rest. Once you finish, edit the article. Give others to review it too.