Month: June 2019


The American author Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) promotes the principles of post-modernism in his poems. Baraka uses reason and logic to write his poems, and he crafts his poems to enlighten the readers. In his poem the Incident and the Lair, he engages his intellectual prowess and borrows from Marxist theory to present his message (Ruland and Malcolm 215). Besides, he supports the change of the society through the use of technology and language acts as a mirror to the society. The works of the poets such as Sharon Olds, Linda Pastan, and Larry Levis is driven by a prevailing feeling of loss and critical consciousness of the audience. They depict the “confessional mode” by as they incorporate their emotions, personal stories, and intimate sentiments in their poems. However, they distance themselves from the conventional style of poet writing by showing contradictory stands which show their resistance to social norms (Lodge 13). They use illusion to mask their personal feelings and sentiments in the poems. In the poems, they create a sense of anonymity through being selective in the choice of words.

The magazine by John Grisham seems “fictional” to me regarding the style and writing technique used. The plot of the story is not encouraging to the readers, and hence his work is not captivating. Some of his points are not stated making his work look vague or just made up. The voice and style do not lead the readers to form a connection with the themes discussed in the magazines. The style of writing seems to put off readers and depict his work as fictional. The work does not appear natural as the choice of words is not appropriate.