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Speaking of Soldiers Angels

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail that I nearly discarded because it was in an unusual brown envelope. Thank goodness I didn’t, as it turned out to be a lovely thank you from a British soldier serving alongside America’s bravest in Iraq. Back in June, I participated in a web-a-thon hosted by Michelle Malkin and Melanie Morgan, by purchasing four care packages to be shipped to American Military members stationed overseas. This British soldier wrote to tell me that my contribution to the cause was generously shared with him by an enlisted American, one of many who sympathize with their British counterparts due to the lack of support they receive from their own countrymen. While this news made me even prouder of the United States of America, its military and its loyal, troop-loving citizens, I also felt intense sadness for Britain’s courageous warriors, knowing how tough it is for them to experience the same outpouring of encouragement and consideration. So, Sergeant Lee Reynolds, thank you for your service and enjoy the goodies in the care package. You certainly deserve them. Stay safe and God bless!

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Royal Nails helping promote Water Signs

Last evening, I stopped by my favorite nail salon, Royal Nails, where I’ve been a loyal customer for 6 1/2 years, to deliver two signed copies to the owners, Kim and Leslie. Throughout the writing process, I continuously kept them apprised of my progress, as I typically see them every 2-3 weeks. Both were absolutely thrilled with the final version, and Kim asked if I would sign a copy for the customers, to be displayed prominently on the magazine-topped table in their waiting area. Since they are a very busy salon with lots of new and repeat customers, I was happy to honor her request.

While there, I also met two very nice women, who were extremely supportive and interested. So while things didn’t work out with WXEL, I am keeping up my own efforts even as my publicist continues to seek out other media opportunities.

Hope to be back soon with follow-up information on the Fast Frame event!