Royal Nails helping promote Water Signs

Last evening, I stopped by my favorite nail salon, Royal Nails, where I’ve been a loyal customer for 6 1/2 years, to deliver two signed copies to the owners, Kim and Leslie. Throughout the writing process, I continuously kept them apprised of my progress, as I typically see them every 2-3 weeks. Both were absolutely thrilled with the final version, and Kim asked if I would sign a copy for the customers, to be displayed prominently on the magazine-topped table in their waiting area. Since they are a very busy salon with lots of new and repeat customers, I was happy to honor her request.

While there, I also met two very nice women, who were extremely supportive and interested. So while things didn’t work out with WXEL, I am keeping up my own efforts even as my publicist continues to seek out other media opportunities.

Hope to be back soon with follow-up information on the Fast Frame event!